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Qualified & Registered Electricians

Our electricians are highly experienced, qualified and registered with NICEIC, NAPIT and STROMA.

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starts from £79 and our price is based on the number of bedrooms in a property.

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2 bedrooms
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EICR Certificate

is a six pages document issued by a qualified and registered electrician after testing the fixed electrical system to make sure it is installed properly, safe to use, well maintained  and working efficiently in a property.

EICR Report required

if you are renting out your property or selling it out. It is a legal requirement to get the EICR test done by any approved scheme’s electrician and provide the EICR Certificate to tenants before they move in to the property to make sure the safety of tenants. 

Duties of Landlords

Provide the EICR to tenants within 28 days after the EICR test is done or to provide the EICR certificate to new tenants prior they move in. Keep one copy with you and get it renewed on its expiry. Make sure test is done properly by a NICEIC or NAPIT registered electrician on all fixed electrical appliances.

Duties of Tenants

Make sure a qualified electrician is carrying out the test by asking him to show his electrical I.D. Inform the landlord or managing agent if there is an unusual activity like spark or earthing is found anywhere in the house before it turns into a tragedy.

Checks done in EICR Test

Checks which are carried out in EICR test to see the effectiveness of electrical system in the event of fault or electric shock, are below:

  • Visual inspection of all fixed electrical appliances (e.g. sockets, lights, fuse box, earth bonding and gas bonding etc)
  • Dead testing for continuity
  • Insulation resistance and polarity
  • Live testing
Unsatisfactory EICR

Unsatisfactory EICR is issued if an electrician find faults or defects in your property’s electrical system. Observations made are mentioned on EICR in form of three codes C1, C2, C3 and FI

C1 – Danger present, risk of injury, immediate remedial action required
C2 – Potentially dangerous, urgent remedial action required
C3 – Improvement recommended.
FI – Further investigation required

EICR will be unsatisfactory, If you find any of these codes C1, C2 & FI together or anyone of these on your EICR. C3 observation can’t fail your EICR as it is an improvement recommendation.

Satisfactory EICR

Satisfactory EICR is issued if an electrician does not find faults or defects in your property’s electrical system. He may issue C3 observation which will not fail the EICR. 

EICR Remedial Work

If you are issued with Unsatisfactory EICR Certificate, you need to get the remedial work done to fulfill your legal obligations towards tenants and humanity to avoid any damage e.g. fire or electrical shock because with the passage of time electrical wiring gets older and it do not provide 100% effective results causing spark, electrical shock or fire.

Ask electrician to provide you quotation to carry out the remedial work. You are not bound to use the same electrician if you find his quotation very high and you can compare it with other companies but make sure only a qualified person carry out the remedial works.

Frequently asked questions

We accept upfront payment to make sure of your booking. You can make the payment by card online on our website or by bank transfer

EICR is forwarded to customers in pdf format (digital copy) which they can print out and use copies where needed.

Duration depends upon the electrical condition and size of property. It may take from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

No, you can’t rent out your property without EICR or otherwise you will have to pay heavy penalty/fine if you do not comply.

It is valid for five years but the validity is in hands of electrician if he finds something unusual in electrical system.

Yes, another EICR test is required after carrying out the remedial work to find out new system is working effectively and properly.